While the preaching and teaching of God’s Word is central in all of our services, music is a vital ministry here at Lighthouse. Our congregational and special music is traditional, conservative, and dynamic. We strive to use music that is both inspiring and consecrated, thereby encouraging people to seek a closer walk with our Saviour.
While our spirits are often encouraged because of the truth a song expresses, emotional fulfillment and entertainment are not goals of the music ministry of our church. The Scriptural purpose of music is to honor and praise God, and we seek to do that with both the words and the music of the song.
While we love singing the hymns and gospel songs of yesteryear, we also enjoy Christ-honoring songs that have been written more recently.
Music ministry opportunities include the adult choir and special music. Youth choirs are provided for various ages. Instrumentalists often provide offertories and can serve in our church orchestra.