What should I wear?

Although Lighthouse Baptist Church (LBC) is an old-fashioned, conservative church, we are more concerned with your spiritual state than with your appearance. You will notice that most of the women choose to wear modest skirts or dresses, and many of our men wear suits and collared shirts with a tie. However, we want you to feel welcome regardless of your attire.

What kind of music does your church have?

LBC enjoys the old ways. We still use a hymnal for our congregational singing. Our special music is provided by our choir and various other groups. While we do not use what many consider contemporary worship music, we do enjoy music that is traditional, conservative, and dynamic.

Which Bible do you use?

LBC uses the King James Version in our services and Sunday school classes.

Am I expected to participate in the offering?

No. While we do not discourage a gift should you choose to do so, the offering is a time of opportunity for the members of our church to give as God has prospered them.

Are there age-appropriate activities for my children?

Yes, LBC provides infant and toddler nurseries, a beginner’s church (2-3 years old), a children’s church (4-6 years old), and a junior church (7-12 years old).

Can you pick me up for church?

Yes. We have a couple of options. We have a bus ministry that picks up parents and children in designated areas. We also may be able to have one of our members provide you a ride if you are unable to take a bus. If you need a ride, please call the church at (607) 739-9062, ext. 1.